2024 4th International Conference on Mechatronics Technology and Aerospace Engineering (ICMTAE 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

- Aerospace Materials: Materials Surface Physics

· High-Performance Structural Materials and Coatings

· Special Functional Materials and Materials Design

· Non-Equilibrium Materials and Preparation Technologies

· New Polymeric Materials and Advanced Resin Matrix Composites

· Materials Failure Analysis and Prediction Prevention

· Advanced Materials Preparation Science and Forming Technology

- Aerospace Science and Technology

· Physics of Gases

· Aerospace Computing

· Satellite Remote Sensing Technology

· BeiDou Navigation and Positioning System

· Satellite and Geophysics

· Aircraft Flight Dynamics

· Aerospace Structures

· Computer Modelling and Simulation of Human-Machine and Environmental Systems

· Ejection Lifesaving Technology

· Spacecraft Thermal Control Technology

· Vapor-liquid two-phase flow and heat transfer

· Aircraft Anti-icing Systems

· Precision Plastic Forming and Equipment Technology

- Aerospace and Mechanics

· Combustion and Energy Conversion

· Power and Control Systems

· Advanced Fluid Mechanics

· Lasers and Applied Physics